On the 16 October, the Government of Malta announced measures in order to control the spread of COVID-19 in Malta. Over the past few days, Malta has been recording a large increase of new COVID-19 cases amongst the Malta population.  The new measures are the following: 

  • Bars and clubs are to close by 11pm (this rule comes into effect on Monday 19 October)
  • Wearing face masks is mandatory in all public places, and should be worn the moment you leave your house. You are not required to wear a mask when you are in your own private car, while seated at a restaurant or bar, or during rigorous exercise like running or cycling.  If you are caught not wearing a mask you will be fined €100 (this rule comes into effect on Saturday 17 October)
  • There will be an increase of fines and police enforcement
  • Rapid-testing will also be introduced soon via Rapid Antigen Tests – which have 90%+ reliability. These will be used within the Education Sector, in A&E and in Old People’s Homes.
  • All previous measures on public gatherings and social distancing remain in force. A 10 person group limit is imposed, and bars can only serve customers who are seated at a table. Social distancing and good hand hygiene must be practised at all times.


Here at ESN Malta, we want all our members and friends to make the most of their time in Malta in a safe way. We encourage you to keep yourselves updated with the current COVID-19 preventive measures, avoid large gatherings, and practice social distancing and good hygiene as much as possible. 

For more information visit our COVID-19 Information Page