The Erasmus Student Network is much bigger than you might expect, and we are constantly working to help students on three levels:
ESN Malta operates on the national level and is recognised as a National Organisation. As the National Organisation, ESN Malta plays an important role in advocating for youth and students' rights on both a national and international level. We do this by keeping up with European education politics and liaising with relevant stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, the European Commission, the Erasmus National Agency EUPA and many more institutional partners. Through our hard work and commitment, we are recognized as one of the most vocal groups when it comes to education and youth issues.
 Interested in becoming a Board Member?  Have a look at the open positions and apply:


We are looking for an ambitious, persistent and dedicated leader who has a vision, as well as the mind for strategy! Do you have a passion for turning your ideas into reality and would like to work on concrete goals connected to the internationalisation of higher education? Then you sound like our future President!
President's To-Do List: 
  • Represent ESN towards various stakeholders in Malta
  • Represent the interests of international students and the wider international community in Malta
  • Maintain and build up the relationship between ESN and various stakeholders, mainly education institutions and other youth organisations
  • Actively advocate for the implementation and development of new policies connected to international student exchange mobility
  • Manage the work of the National Board, as well as the world of the organisation 
  • Support the local sections in knowledge acquisition in relevant areas to improve their relationships with local stakeholders, such as higher
Reasons to Apply: 
  • Lead the organisation and contribute to the ambitious aim to impact the experience of international students in the county
  • Lead a diverse team t to achieve strategic goals to improve learning mobility in the society
  • Create impact in the society
  • Improve the image of ESN in the eyes of the stakeholders as a key organisation in the field of international student exchange and learning mobility
  • Think outside the box
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Acquire practical experience outside of your university degree
  • Expand your social network

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We are looking for a patient and resilient multitasker who isn't afraid of a full task list and an extensive about of responsibility. Are you a team player who isn't afraid to rely on others but is also self-motivated to work individually? What a coincidence, you sound like our next Vice-President!
Vice-President's To-Do List:
  • Substitute the President in their duties in case of absence
  • Help the president manage the work of the National Board, as well as the overall work of the organisation
  • Act as a bridge connecting the local sections (ESN University of Malta & ESN MCAST) with the National Board
  • Manage the access to information, as well as the communication flow in the organisation
  • Support the expansion of the organisation to the cities/universities where there is no ESN presence
  • Support candidate sections applying for membership in ESN
  • Support local sections in their development
  • Implement network care activities in the organisation
  • Manage the human resources of the organisation
  • Supervise recruitment and onboarding activities in the organisation
  • Supervise training and volunteer development activities in the organisation.
Reasons to Apply:
  • Develop and support future leaders of ESN and contribute to the sustainability of the organisation
  • Develop sections and volunteers to be able to fulfil the mission, vision and values of ESN
  • Learn how to manage non-profit organisations; Learn how to manage diverse and remote teams.
  • Create a dynamic, positive, safe and supportive work environment for the volunteers
  • Develop your interpersonal competence
  • Think outside of the box
  • Acquire practical experience
  • Expand your social network
  • Meet and learn from like-minded people in the field of education.

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We are looking for a person who has a knack for numbers, a financial wizard who can make everyone’s dreams come true! Would you like to contribute to the overall vision and strategy of the organisation, as well as its sustainability and growth, with your knowledge and ideas? Then you should apply to become our next Treasurer!
Treasurer's To-DO List:
  • Represent the organisation on commercial and financial matters
  • Forecast, manage and report on the budget of the organisation and present it to the network
  • Seek new and more diverse sources of income
  • Design and implement fundraising strategies for the organisation
  • Identify ways to maximise resources and reduce costs
  • Successfully position ESN in the marketplace;Support the local sections in business and finance related matters
Reasons to Apply:
  • Contribute to the sustainable growth of ESN
  • Increase financial literacy and transparency in the organisation
  • Learn how to execute tasks connected to the financial management of assets and resources of the organisation
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Acquire practical experience
  • Expand your social network
  • Meet and learn from like-minded people in the field of finance

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Secretary General

We are looking for a conversationalist who knows how to network, build and use newly formed relationships. If you are passionate about international education and educational policies, then you may as well be our next Education Officer!
Eduction Officer's To-Do List: 
  • Maintain and further relationships with our current stakeholders in the field of international education and mobility
  • Develop contact and relationship with new stakeholders in the field of international education and mobility
  • Develop new and promote current research projects in ESN
  • Stay up to date with international and national education policies
Reasons to Apply:
  • Learn more about and directly influence education policies in your country, as well as Europe
  • Influence the experiences of international students in your country
  • Raise awareness about mobility opportunities in your country
  • Shape the future of international education and mobility in your country and Europe
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Acquire practical experience
  • Expand your social network
  • Meet and learn from like-minded people in the field of education 

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 Communication Manager 

We are looking for a creative soul who has an eye for detail, love for social media, and passion for public relations. If you would like to increase the visibility of ESN, nurture our band and influence how ESN is viewed by the stakeholders and society, then you may be the Communication Manager of our dream!
  • Implement a Communication Strategy of the organisation
  • Create and implement a Social Media Plan
  • Create and manage content for our social media channels
  • Communicate messages connected to the mission, vision, values, causes and policies of ESN towards the stakeholders
  • Disclose relevant information about ESN to media outlets
  • Manage the brand and visual identity of ESN
  • Help create an accurate understanding of ESN in society
  • Share the communication campaigns of ESN International on the social media channels of the organisation and encourage the local sections to do the same
  • Develop your own and (or) utilise the communication-related materials from the international level to support the work of the local sections
  • Support the local sections in their communication-related efforts
Reasons to Apply:
  • Learn about social media management
  • Learn about community management and engagement
  • Learn about public relations
  • Learn how to create and communicate policy messages to the relevant stakeholders
  • Create engaging and informative content
  • Build up the brand of ESN
  • Gain practical experience and build your portfolio
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Expand your social network; Meet and learn from like-minded people in the field of communication

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Events Manager

We are looking for a flexible person that isn't afraid of breaking the ice and coming up with creative and innovative ideas to develop our leisure programme. Are you a detail-oriented crazy multitasker who always has a back-up plan up your sleeve? Then you sound exactly like our next Event Manager!
  • Design and develop the social, cultural, and leisure activities programme for the upcoming year
  • Manage the logistics of each activity (contacting suppliers, gathering quotes, bookings, purchasing according to the budget) while ensuring that the quality of service prevails and agreements with suppliers are met
  • Promotion and outreach of student activities to target customers 
  • Administration of reservations
  • Leading activities and excursions
  • Manage human and financial resources for each activity
  • Collaborate with existing and 
  • Gather feedback from the participants and propose future improvements
Reasons to Apply:
  • Learn how to manage large-scale events
  • Create innovative activities for international students in Malta
  • Create opportunities for the integration of international students within the local cultures
  • Develop your organisational competence
  • Acquire practical experience 
  • Expand your social network 
  • Meet and learn from like minded people in the field of event management

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Partnership Manager

We are looking for a patient person who enjoys negotiating deals and can place ESN as a desirable partner in any market! Would you like to work with stakeholders to form mutually beneficial partnerships? The you should apply to become our next Partnership Manager
Partnership To-Do List: 
  • Maintain relationships with the current commercial partners and ensure that all parties have completed their contractual obligations
  • discover new partners who contribute to the needs of ESN, and the needs of international students
  • Negotiate mutually beneficial partnership contracts
  • Market and advertise partners and disseminate information about the partnerships 
  • Acquire new partners for ESN and improve the experience that international students have in Malta
Reasons to Apply:
  • Learn how to make deals and how to form partnerships in a professional environment 
  • Learn how different markets work and how you can position your product or service in them 
  • Develop your negotiation skills 
  • Build a network of professional contracts 
  • Acquire practical experience 
  • Expand your social network 
  • Meet and learn from like-minded people in the field of finance

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Web Project Administrator (WPA)

We are looking for a solution oriented person with an ability to simplify technical procedures. Are you interested in the field of IT and would like to contribute to the digitalisation of the organisation? The you sound like our brand new WPA!
WPA's To-Do List: 
  • Administrate the website and IT Tools of the organisation
  • Mantain the IT infrastructure of the organisation 
  • Implement the IT tools of ESN for the needs of the organisation 
  • Search for free software packages available to non-porfit organisations (ex: Google Workspace, Microsoft Product Donation, TechSoup, etc) to satisfy the needs of the organisation 
  • Develop additional IT tools and solutions
Reasons to Apply:
  • Assume responsibility you wouldn't have in a junior position in your place of work and better prepare yourself for work in the industry 
  • Develop IT tools, projects and improvements that will stimulate a more efficient and collaborate work environment in the organisation 
  • Turn ideas into reality, simplify procedures and introduce necessary improvements in the IT field of ESN 
  • Expand your social network 
  • Meet and learn from like-minded people in the field of IT

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