ESN Malta is one of the most active youth-led NGOs on the Island. We're made up of young passionate locals and expats dedicated to spreading the Maltese language, culture, cuisine, and history to international students and interns while also advocating for youth rights on an international level!

Joining the Erasmus Student Network is the best way to make the most of campus life, make new friends, learn valuable skills and become the awesome adult you're destined to be. We manage all this thanks to our amazing team of volunteers who organise countless events each year, represent Malta on an international level, and advocate to ensure that young people are heard. 

As a multi-disciplinary organisation, we engage in a wide variety of activities spanning several fields of interest. Here at ESN Malta, we've got something for everybody, whether you're into international politics, law, commerce, psychology, IT or even philosophy. Read on to discover how you can be a part of the Erasmus Student Network Malta, the most vibrant community around!

Communication & Content Team

The Communication and Content Team is one of the most important committees within ESN Malta. By being part of this team you will be responsible for the external recognition, visibility and public awareness of ESN Malta. From creating digital posters and print magazines to maintaining our socials and website, the communication and content team is one of the most diverse and includes a number of different roles and specialisations, all relating to improving the marketing and branding of our organisation. Interested? Have a look at the open positions and sign up today:

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Business & Finance Team

Fundraising and fund management is key to any organisation's survival, especially a voluntary organisation like ours! Organising 100+ events and activities is no easy task, but having a strong and capable business and finance team makes it a lot easier. If you want to get ahead of the game and think you've got it in you to budget, raise capital and negotiate with potential commercial partners, then this is the opportunity you've been looking for. Interested? Have a look at the open positions and sign up today:

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Events & Leisure Team

We organise over 100 events and activities per year, making us one of the most active youth organisations in Malta. Our events and leisure team functions very similarly to the events teams of English Language Schools like EC and EF. ESN Malta offers multiple social activities during the whole week for our international guests. International students in Malta have a similar experience to one of tourists: they want to visit typical tourist attractions, learn about them and engage in activities. From big scale events like the ESN Gozo Weekend to intimate social gatherings like the ESN Bonfire Night or Beach BBQ, our social programme enables them to integrate into Maltese culture and society giving them the best experience possible, ready to return in the future with their friends and family. Interested? Have a look at our open positions and sign up today. 

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Health & Wellbeing Team

For most international students, studying abroad is an opportunity to acquire new and healthy habits such as practising sport activities or having a balanced diet. Here at ESN Malta, we've created the ESN Sports Club and the ESN Welfare Team. Sport is a universal language and is the best method of bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. We organise weekly friendly meet-ups for football, basketball, volleyball and more! With Malta being a paradise Meditteranean island, it's no surprise that we also offer diving, surfing, and kayaking options in our sports programme. You'll even get the chance to organise the ESN Health & Wellbeing Week and take a delegation to represent Malta at the highly anticipated International Erasmus Games and to promote our Responsible Party campaign! Interested? Have a look at our open positions and apply today.

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Social Inclusion Team

We strive for inclusivity and equality. Our Social Inclusion Team raises awareness among international students by creating activities which increase the interaction between exchange students and local communities in order to instigate intercultural dialogue, global and active citizenship and intercultural awareness. We advocate for unity in diversity, and our Social Inclusion Days are a clear example of how we can achieve just that. Interested? Have a look at our open positions and apply today.

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