Over the years, ESN Malta has grown into one of the most exciting and lively student organisations on the Maltese Islands. Between organising a variety of highly successful events and creating connections with students from every corner of the world, ESN Malta has been recognized as one of the most vocal voices representing the needs of all international students in Malta. 

After the success of ESN University of Malta’s work, we are finally branching out to MCAST! Now we’re looking for MCAST students who want to be part of a unique experience and add to their academic experience to become part of the founding team.  Joining ESN MCAST will give you the chance to meet new people, develop a sense of belonging and form part of Europe’s largest student organisation.

Spreading across 42 countries internationally, ESN is a community of students from different backgrounds and cultures, promoting diversity and inclusivity. Locally, we are committed to sharing our Maltese culture, language, history and cuisine with thousands of students and interns coming to Malta each year. Whilst organising a multitude of events, both on an academic and entertainment front, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience shared with new and exciting individuals.

Interested? These are the 4 reasons why you should join!

You’ll Get To Try Something New

Work experience is essential to help you advance in your career.  Volunteering with a student association like ESN is the perfect way to do this.  You will gain social as well as leadership skills which will be extremely useful out in the real world.

Apart from this, you will also get entrepreneurial experience through organising exciting events and projects, not only for international students but also for the benefit of the local community.  Are you eager to try new things? This is for you! 

You Want To Meet New People

You Want to Meet New People

The job description of any ESN Malta member definitely includes meeting new people! Thousands of foreign students apply for the Erasmus+ programme each year, meaning there will be endless opportunities for you to form new friendships that will stretch across borders!

Apart from meeting international students, you will also work with other ESN Malta members and form a community with an unbreakable bond working towards a common goal which is to make the ESN experience an enjoyable one for all. 

All work and no play makes ESN a dull place. While we value the academic success of our students, we know how to have fun and how to make most out of the student experience.

You'll Get to Form International Connections

By being part of ESN MCAST, you’ll get to engage with different cultures and participate in events which bring internationals together, allowing you to build connections even in these turbulent times. MCAST will also assist incoming and outgoing Erasmus+ students, and in doing so will help promote intercultural dialogue, diversity and equality.

Using your work at ESN to your advantage will lead to more academic and career opportunities around the globe, and you will take part in various international events and conferences which will only benefit your future.

Added bonus: You’ll be part of a large international community.  Finding a place to crash whilst on holiday will be much easier, with friends from every continent!

You Will Have A Voice

As an ESN MCAST member, you will be able to represent Erasmus+ students, and so engage in student activism following  ESN’s internationally known principle of ‘Students Helping Students’.  Erasmus+ allows members of different communities to come together, celebrating diversity and uniqueness which is ESN’s purpose. 

We’re looking for people who want to share the beauty of the Maltese Islands; from language to history and everything in between.


Make the most of your 20s! Now is the best time to try new things. Overall being part of ESN Malta is a rewarding experience that is not to be missed. ESN MCAST is waiting for you. 

Do you want to have the time of your life? Are you ready to embark on a new adventure? Sign up here to become one of the founding members of ESN MCAST and make part of an amazing team.