Task: To manage ESNcard membership sales, to attract ESNcard commercial partners, to establish and maintain commercial partnership relations, to use the ESN Malta Partnership guide to raise funds through sponsorship opportunities. 

Overview: You are expected to be able to identify, attract and establish commercial partners. You work by your own initiative and develop and implement fundraising strategies and to organise the overall business development of ESN Malta. You will also need to work with the Communication and Content Team for the administration of communication tools and promotional campaign of all ESN Malta commercial partners. 

By taking on this role you will have the opportunity to network and establish contacts with large and international corporations. 

Essential Skills:

  1. Basic understanding of accounting and financial principles
  2. Ability to negotiate
  3. Proficiency in sales, marketing and other related fields
  4. Aptitude for raising capital

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Ideal Candidates: Aspiring business leaders, business and management students/recent graduates, commerce students/recent graduates, economics students/recent graduates, law students

Recognition & Benefits: ESN Malta VO Number 1882 is a fully enrolled association with the Commissioner for Voluntary Services in accordance with Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta. Your voluntary work will be recognized and certified according to the Voluntary Work Scheme and granted ECTS credits/recognition by your university. 

Must I be enrolled in an HEI (University of Malta, MCAST, ACCA, STC, SMI, etc) to apply? Yes, we are looking for capable current students or recently graduated students with an interest in business management and business development. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to pursue a future job in this field, gain experience, grow their potential, experiment and work within an international team.