We’re looking for fun, charismatic, and energetic students to join our team for 2020/2021

This year has been one of the busiest for everyone at ESN Malta. We’ve organised countless activities ranging from small intimate events like the beach BBQ to large scale events like the Winter Gala. This past year saw us take on a number of different projects and programmes such as our Social Inclusion Days. We even received an honourable mention from ESN International for our stellar work in the field of health and wellbeing thanks to our sports programme. 

And now after an amazing 2019/2020 mandate, it is time to start looking for a new set of highly motivated and passionate people to become members of our team for 2020/2021!

If you are looking to add something extra to your university life, if you want to join an international community, and if you want to be that person to manage the University of Malta’s most active student society, then you must join our team!

We are one of the loudest, most vibrant and exciting communities on the Maltese Islands. We are a group of local students all dedicated to spreading the Maltese language, culture, cuisine, and history to international students and interns in Malta. Spread across 42 countries, ESN is an international family of student volunteers that all share common goals. Whether it’s spreading Maltese culture, organising sporting activities, or having a great time partying, there are thousands of students that are eager to meet you as they plan their trips to our gorgeous island.

Thinking of joining? Here are 5 reasons which will convince you to join right away:

You Love to Travel

Need a reason to travel when you’re meant to be in lectures? Now you got one! ESN is present in 42 countries and offers multiple travel opportunities each year! By joining ESN you’ll get the chance to travel on official business and represent Malta at a number of international events overseas. 

Here’s where it gets better: can’t afford your ambitious travel plans? Give your heart and share your knowledge about Maltese and you’ll be surprised just how many people will invite you over to their city for a visit. 

Being part of an international community has many perks. Making friends and becoming notable to over 1,000 people from all over the world means you’ll have a couch to crash on in every continent! Don’t believe us? Check out the ESN Couchsurfing & Accommodation group on Facebook. 

You Celebrate Uniqueness and Diversity

Malta is as unique as it gets, An island in the middle of the Mediterranean which only a handful of maps know to exist. Get to teach our language, cuisine, lifestyle and history all while touring the islands’ hidden beauties with the international students and interns. We’re looking for volunteers who want to spread a positive message about what it means to be Maltese. 

One of ESN’s values is unity in diversity, diversity in unity. Our members work hard to provide opportunities for cultural understanding to both international and local members of their community, as well as open an intercultural dialogue between them. 


You Need Experience Outside Of Your Degree

So you've enrolled for Law, Architecture or some obscure degree. We need people who are interested in gaining a variety of experiences to develop highly paid skills that are sought after by top employers. Better yet, practice your entrepreneurship capability by designing and executing new projects and programmes to help our community. 

Volunteering is the best job experience. And we couldn’t stress this one out enough. By volunteering with us we’ll be giving you the skills and experience that is needed in the big world. Have you led a team of people? That is a work experience just like any other job, don’t underestimate yourself. Have you dealt with customers or organised events? Have you been in control of the finances of an organization? These are the skills that might give you the extra edge you’ll need!

You Want to Change the World

Our 20s are a time for experimentation, life long lessons and a journey of self-discovery. Living in Malta may sometimes stifle your creativity and suffocate your dreams. The Erasmus Generation are the believers and shakers of Europe. Unleash your awesome personality and learn how to revolutionise your mindset by taking on ESN. 

You Just Want to Have Fun

Needless to say, ESN is Malta's most vibrant and exciting community. We work, we play.

Joining the Erasmus Student Network is the best way to make the most of Campus life, make new friends, learn valuable skills and become the awesome adult you're destined to be.

All in all, being a part of ESN is a lot of work, but the payoff is incredible, and the experience you get is priceless.

Do you want to meet new people? Are you ready to have fun? If so, sign up here to start this unforgettable experience, becoming part of ESN Malta's incredible team.