Diversity is a reality in our societies, it is an undeniable and enriching fact. The principle of pluralism goes beyond respecting diversity, it embraces it by recognising its benefits to society. As former Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan stated “democracy is the system best suited to securing and sustaining pluralism in today’s world”.

The workshop Democracy = Diversity? aims to challenge our way of thinking the world, learn more from one another, create a space for active and respectful listening of the perspective of others from different faith traditions and different cultures and engage in dialogue, together. Focusing on hot topics under these themes:

- Identities, migration & integration: what does 'being Maltese' mean?
- Science & religion: a contradiction?
- Freedom of speech, freedom of religion & hate speech: can one say all one thinks?

Agenda and more details will be published here soon! There will be short keynote speeches to spice things up and then small group dialogues will follow in a world cafe methodology, where you take the lead.

REGISTER NOW! Number of participants is limited! You only need to write to aferreira@iom.int.


20/12/2019 - 12:00
  • Everyone is invited.