Insurance for Erasmus+ students

DR-WALTER is a leading expert for worldwide student insurance. DR-WALTER and ESN have partnered to provide PROTRIP-WORLD, a special tailored insurance plan for Erasmus+ students. As Erasmus+ student you should travel with adequate insurance.

PROTRIP-WORLD is an insurance combination:

  • Unlimited travel health insurancecoverage for all kinds of high-risk sports in medical insurance and pre-existing conditions
  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Baggage insurance

PROTRIP-WORLD provides all Erasmus+ students with its MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT app. The app gives relevant information in real-time such as travel safety warnings, country information and news concerning the traveller’s current whereabouts.

PROTRIP-WOLRD-H is a liability insurance with comprehensive cover specially developed for Erasmus interns. Erasmus interns also definitely need liability insurance.