30 years of ESN

Who Are We?

 The Erasmus Student Network is Europe's largest youth organization and is a key volunteer organization within the international education sphere. ESN is present in 41 countries in over 550 higher education institutions, and ESN Malta represents the smallest country in the Network! 

We are one of the loudest, most vibrant and exciting communities on the Maltese Islands. Here at ESN Malta, we have something for everyone whether you're an international exchange student or intern heading to Malta, or just a local searching for something new. The Erasmus Student Network is involved in a wide variety of activities and is a community for everyone who wants to be involved in the international scene. We want all international students and interns to get more involved within the local community, and for the locals to get to know and meet with their foreign guests. We do this by organising various social and cultural activities, sporting events, trips, and parties all while ensuring that every international exchange student makes the most of their time in Malta. Our activities provide opportunities for intercultural understanding and self-development

ESN Malta is recognised as one of the most vocal groups in Malta when it comes to education and youth. Education is the core of ESN’s activity and youth is the main target group. We produce several position papers, recommendations, programmes, and projects all aiming at improving the quality of international mobility and guaranteeing that young people are heard in the process.