Your Erasmus experience is the perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures, and try out different cuisines! At the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a melting pot of cultures and your gastronomical experience here will have your taste buds tingling at every corner, whether it's for traditional Maltese street food or at any restaurant. The Maltese love to eat and our cuisine is a mix and match of the Meditteranean diet and Italian and British recipes. Wherever you eat in Malta, you're guaranteed the meal of a lifetime.

With such an abundance of choice of restaurants, we've come up with our very own top 5 best spots for a mouth-watering meal that will surely leave you satisfied! The best thing you need to know about these restaurants is that they all offer amazing ESNcard discounts and offers to suit all student budgets!

Let’s go!

1. Hermanos Burgers

We all get that burger craving every now and then and we know just the right place to satisfy it! Head on over to Hermanos Burgers, a burger joint run by two brothers who love serving their customers with authentic and premium burgers. Just like ESN, Hermanos embrace Unity in Diversity as they promote different cultures and nationalities through their burgers. Each burger is named after a different city around the world and includes unique ingredients and flavours which are inspired by each particular country. Head on over to Hermanos and enjoy a 25% discount on Mondays and 20% discount on any other day of the week! 

Picture of Hermanos Burgers, Saint Julian's - Tripadvisor

2. NapolEat – Now that’s amore!

Why travel to Naples when Naples can come to you? NapolEat proves that we all need a little bit of Napoli in our lives. They offer a selection of Italian classics, and their own Italian twist on burgers, for a decent price. It's the perfect go-to pizza, pasta, and burger joint for any student in Malta looking for some wholesome Italian food that won't break the bank. Present your ESNcard at the counter when making your order to benefit from a massive 25% discount


3. Hard Rock Café Malta

How are your friends meant to know that you've travelled to Malta if you're not wearing your Hard Rock Cafe Malta T-shirt? ROCK your Erasmus in Malta with Hard Rock Café, experience the legendary flavours of America at any of their 2 locations across the Maltese islands, and don't forget to grab yourself the perfect Erasmus souvenir Rock Shop while you're at it. Make your meal extra legendary with your ESNcard and benefit from a 10% discount

HARD ROCK CAFE, Valletta - Vault 17 - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Tripadvisor

4. Ivy House

Ivy House is one of the most unique venues in Malta. Located within an old church and consisting of three areas; The Ivy House Main Hall, The Terrace, and The Beer Garden, it is the perfect hangout spot for locals and ex-pats alike! Ivy House encompasses similar values of ESN and celebrates multiculturalism, unity, and the international dimension of life. Ivy House brings people together from all over the world by organising themed dinners, art exhibitions and musical performances. Their menu is as diverse as their customers. Head over there for a great meal and entertainment and enjoy a 15% discount on your final bill when spending €15 or more!

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5. Surfside Bar and Grill

Surfside Bar and Grill is one of the most popular meet-up points for Erasmus students. Located on the water's edge and overlooking the vast Mediterranean Sea, Surfside will have you living the best island life ever! They've got a vast menu, amazing breakfast deals, and happy-hour offers on cocktails. It's also the perfect place to watch your favourite sports with great company, food, and drink. During the summer months, the Surfside Beach Bar and Lido is open offering a relaxing place on the beach for everyone. Make the most of your time in Malta with a massive 30% discount at Surfside.  


BONUS - Check out any of Malta's Pastizzerias

The pastizzi is Malta's favourite street food, beloved by locals and Erasmus students. At just 40c for each pastizzi is no wonder why everyone enjoys eating them. Every town and village has a pastizzi shop, so finding one to try out is very easy. Pastizzi shops can be found in most village centres, by bus stops, and even at the airport! There's not much else to say about the pastizzi, except that you have to go and try one out for yourself. Reach out to any of the ESNer volunteer team here in Malta and we'll gladly take you to the most popular pastizzi shop on the island. 

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