Who is Boom Malta?


Boom Malta is one of the leading travel-to-study agencies for the Spanish-speaking market in Malta. While most agencies promote English classes, Boom Malta also has partnership with higher education institutions in Malta, such as the University of Malta, Domain Academy and London School of Commerce among others.


The agency provides tailored, premium advisory services to its customers, which has proved to be of valuable support in the middle of a pandemic, always finding safe travel routes and supporting students in Malta. Like ESN Malta, Boom Malta wants to contribute to the best experience students can get on the islands, hence the partnership was quite natural and bound to happen.


The Purpose of this Partnership


We will be providing ESN memberships to Latin American students from the Boom Malta community coming from 17 different countries. This will allow our community to grow and diversify.


This partnership will allow Latin American students visiting the islands to benefit from a myriad of discounts enhancing their Maltese experience. Meanwhile, given ESN members are overwhelmingly from EU countries, the addition of Latin American students will bring exciting new cultures to the group, contributing the ESN community diversity.



For more information about Boom Malta, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.