• Rabat City Tour

    • Upon arrival in Gozo, we will explore the historic city of Rabat, visiting ancient sites, strolling through charming streets, and immersing ourrselves in the local culture.

  • Treasure Hunt at Citadella

    • Embark on an exciting treasure hunt adventure at the Citadella, a medieval fortress in Gozo, Malta. Solve clues and riddles as you explore this iconic landmark.

  • BBQ

    • Once everyone settles into their farmhouses, we will be grilling burgers and hot dogs on the barbie for everyone to enjoy.


  • Ggantija Temples Visit

    • Discover the prehistoric Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ancient megalithic temples are among the world's oldest free-standing structures and provide a fascinating glimpse into Malta's history.

  • Boat Trip around Dwejra

    • We will take you on scenic boat trip around Dwejra Bay, home to unique rock formations, including the famous Azure Window (formerly), and the Blue Hole. Enjoy breathtaking views and the opportunity to swim in crystal-clear waters.

  • Pizza Bar Dinner

    • Endulge in the pizza’s we have ordered 

  • Full Open Bar House Party

    • To end our final night in Gozo, we will be hosting a full open bar party at the farmhouses themselves.


  • Maltese Traditional Food Picnic

    • Enjoy Maltese specialties like pastizzi and ftira in a picturesque atmosphere to decompress after a fully packed weekend

    • Head home from an unforgettable experience. As the weekend comes to a close, depart from your memorable trip, carrying with you the fantastic memories and experiences from your time in Malta.

This itinerary promises a diverse range of activities, from cultural exploration to adventure, dining, and social gatherings, ensuring that you have an enriching and enjoyable weekend in Gozo. We can’t wait to have you all there!

The ticket price includes the accommodation, meals and participation in all the activities. It is an all inclusive offer. We will be providing for dietary restrictions as required.
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See you all in Gozo!

~ESN Malta

24/11/2023 - 11:00 to 26/11/2023 - 17:00
130 € (145 € without ESNcard)
  • An ESNcard of this section required.
  • Everyone is invited.