As one of Malta’s most active youth organisations, it is important that we take care of ourselves and others during this global pandemic crisis. When organising and holding physical activities, ESN Malta will be adopting the following safeguards: 

  1. In order to limit the number of people attending ESN Malta activities, our activities are open exclusively to ESNcard members. 
  2. All physical events will be held outdoors.
  3. To join an ESN Malta event, participants are required to fill in a participation form. This form will function as a booking request and will be used for contact tracing purposes in the unlikely event that a participant tests positive for COVID-19 following an ESN Malta activity. No person will be allowed to join an ESN Malta activity without first filling in the form and providing correct information. 
  4. The number of total participants will be capped according to the Standards for Gatherings and Events issued under the Public Health Act Chapter 465 of the Laws of Malta, and other mandatory standards and guidelines as the case may be. 
  5. As much as possible events will be restricted to a maximum of 5 participants + 1 ESNer volunteer.
  6. When an activity can cater for more than 6 people we will be operating a group system where participants will be placed into ‘bubbles’. Each bubble may consist of a maximum of 5 persons + 1 ESNer volunteer. Each bubble must keep a distance of 2m or more from another bubble and staggered entrancing and timing will be utilised. It is NOT allowed for participants from one bubble to join another bubble at any point during the activity. Participants from a single bubble must arrive at the meeting point together at the time assigned to them. As much as possible each bubble will be given different meeting times and starting times depending on the type of activity. This also applies to ESNer volunteers. An ESNer volunteer is not allowed to join different groups and can only partake in the activity at the time assigned to them and with the group assigned to them. 
  7. Social distancing rules apply at all times. Masks and other face-coverings must be worn throughout the entire duration of the activity, except when eating or drinking. 
  8. Hand sanitisers will be made available at all times (at least 70% alcohol content). Participants must sanitize their hands regularly throughout the duration of the activity when possible and ideally with soap and water. 
  9. Temperature checks will be taken at the start and end of each activity
  10. ESN Malta will not organise private transport. If there is a need to organise transport the Mandatory Standards for Transport Service Providers and Passengers Using Transport Services apply.
  11. ESNer volunteers will encourage participants who continuously flout social distancing rules, meeting in large social gatherings, etc to take the free swab test and self-isolate. This is just encouragement. It is only the Malta Public Health Authority that can impose mandatory quarantine. 
  12. Participants who continuously flout social distancing rules meet in large social gatherings, etc may be asked to stop attending ESN Malta events and activities, in order to reduce the risk of transmission. 
  13. If you have any questions please speak to ESNer volunteer Cristina Sollami.