We’re looking for highly motivated, fun, and lively students to become the founding members of ESN MCAST!

Over the years, ESN Malta has grown into one of the most exciting and lively student organisations on the Maltese Islands. Between organising a variety of highly successful events and creating connections with students from every corner of the world, ESN Malta has been recognized as one of the most vocal voices representing the needs of all international students in Malta. 

After the success of ESN University of Malta’s work, we are finally branching out to MCAST! Now we’re looking for MCAST students who want to be part of a unique experience and add to their academic experience to become part of the founding team.  Joining ESN MCAST will give you the chance to meet new people, develop a sense of belonging and form part of Europe’s largest student organisation.

Thousands of volunteers all over Europe have been building the Erasmus Student Network as an organisation with proven experience in the field of mobility in Higher Education and Youth. Besides the integration of international students, we promote active and global participation of young people, striving for them to become the best version of themselves through various training opportunities and facilitating their personal and professional development. 

Sign up here if you are studying at MCAST, or a recent graduate, and want to be the next Leader of the Erasmus Generation