Task: To upload all content on time on the respective social media, published with engaging text. To create social media campaigns, to answer to all social media DMs in a timely manner, to disseminate relevant information through ESN Malta social media accounts, to upload all content with the correct hashtags, titles, keywords, and partnership's accounts. 

Overview: You are expected to work on your own initiative and to creatively come up with media projects to fill up these sites: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube. You are required to work with the graphic designers, photographer/videographer, content writer. You will be working with the Communications and Content Team, under the direction of the Communications Manager. 

Essential Skills:

  1. Knowledge of marketing
  2. Fluent English
  3. Creativity
  4. Knowledge of social media platform business applications

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Ideal Candidates: Aspiring and novice social media account managers/content creators, media and communication students/recent graduates, marketing students/recent graduates, arts students/recent graduates

Recognition & Benefits: ESN Malta VO Number 1882 is a fully enrolled association with the Commissioner for Voluntary Services in accordance with Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta. Your voluntary work will be recognized and certified according to the Voluntary Work Scheme and granted ECTS credits/recognition by your university. 

Must I be enrolled in an HEI (University of Malta, MCAST, ITS, etc) to apply? No, we are looking for any capable person as long as you are willing to volunteer your time and collaborate with the rest of the team to create quality content. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain experience, grow their potential and experiment.