Task: To manage the Health and Wellbeing Team, to implement the National Erasmus Games, to organise a delegation for the International Erasmus Games, to organise the Health and Wellbeing Week

Overview: You will be required to manage and recruit sports coordinators and welfare officers. Many international students that come to Malta live healthy lifestyles, as the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, you will be providing them with the possibility to continue to be active during their time in Malta.  

Essential Skills:

  1. Management skills
  2. Effective communication
  3. Ability to multi-task

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Ideal Candidates: Sports leaders, aspiring managers. 

Recognition & Benefits: ESN Malta VO Number 1882 is a fully enrolled association with the Commissioner for Voluntary Services in accordance with Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta. Your voluntary work will be recognized and certified according to the Voluntary Work Scheme and granted ECTS credits/recognition by your university. 

Must I be enrolled in an HEI (University of Malta, MCAST, ITS, etc) to apply? No, we are looking for any capable person willing to volunteer their time and manage the ESN Sports Club and Welfare team. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a management role.