The ESN Gozo Weekend is just around the corner and oh my don't you want to miss out on this great old tradition. How old I hear you asking? Well the ESN Gozo Weekend is now in its 8th edition with ESN Malta organising the trip bi-annually cos of its great success and importance in the cultural integration of international students in Malta. Yea that's right you couldn't be living the island life unless you spent a couple of days in Gozo, why do you think so many Maltese head to Gozo every weekend? 

Anyway if you haven't bought your ticket then head on over to the ESN Office on Wednesday before it's too late. If you already bought your ticket then well done for you, you've got some serious forward planning skills there pal. Still not convinced? Then here are some amazing reasons that will definitely change your mind. Read on to discover why you should grab 10 of your best Erasmus friends,  and get together for a weekend that will have you screaming OH-MY-GOZO!!!  Carpe' Diem with ESN Malta

1. The People

We've spent quite some time mixing and mingling with people from all around the world during our stay in Malta. Now its time to get together under one roof for a few days. Strangers have become friends... in Gozo we'll make memories to serve a lifetime!  

2. The Food

Gozo has long been part of the Maltese Islands’ foodie culture. People go crazy for its famous Gozitan goat’s cheese, wonderful seafood restaurants, and of course – its unique take on conventional pizza. We'll be tasting each of these during the all-inclusive weekend. Delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner

3. The Hiking-Potential

Gozo is full of dramatic-scenery. Hiking on this tiny island is an insane gift of seaside vistas juxtaposed against stunning rock formations. Every minute you spend hiking will be an Instagram moment. 


4. The Buildings

The urban landscape in Gozo is way less dense than Malta, so the architectural gems peppered around the island really do stand out. The Ċittadella comes in at the top of the list – it is absolutely stunning and is packed full of history. But it doesn’t end there – Gozitan churches alone are a treasure trove of architectural goodness.

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 10 11 23

5. Simplicity

If you’re dying to cast off the shackles of ultra-urban living, then Gozo is the ultimate respite for you. It’s quiet, it’s green, it’s friendly, it’s cheap, it’s small, but mostly it’s just so easy. Think of it as an upgraded version of living off-the-grid. Heavenly.

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 10 17 52

6. The Celebrations

If you’re worried it’ll be too quiet a lifestyle, don’t be. Gozo becomes the life of the archipelago whenever ESN turns up.  Aside from these uber-occasions, this Gozo weekend will see 150 Erasmus take over 16 traditional farmhouses and get dressed in eccentric costumes at 2 open bar house parties. Excessive or just the Maltese lifestyle?

7. The Culture

Malta has some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Gozo also has a set of these. Ġgantija temples are more than 5500 years old and the world’s second-oldest manmade religious structures. We'll be visiting these megalithic temples to pray for our sins. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 10 28 18

Bonus: The Goats

There are so many of these cute little guys. You’re more than likely to spot a procession of them randomly in the streets. If you only needed one reason to join the ESN Gozo Weekend.. then this is it.

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 10 31 17

Go on, live a little and join in on the fun with the most active international community in Malta


The ESN Gozo Weekend is taking place between 29 Nov - 01 Dec. Tickets cost €150 (€135 with ESNcard). Bookings and payment can be made during ESN office hours and/or on Thursday. ESN Malta will be hosting an information session on Thursday at 20:00 at the KSU Common Room. For more information contact an ESNer today!